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Enactus brings together top student, business, and academic leaders  to use entrepreneurial action to improve the livelihoods of people in  our community.

We have access to  resources and networks that can improve your business and cut costs to  reach top talent, and similarly, you or your organization have resources  that can enable us to have greater impact. Let’s talk.


Hometown Bubbles


A social enterprise that exposes autistic youth to entrepreneurship and business leadership by allowing them to run their own soap business. We host a series of workshops that teach youth with ASD how to create, market and sell soap products independently. More information →

Hometown Venture


Hometown Venture is a business-building and consulting group compromised of professional students and alumni. Our target is aimed at helping other students start a business while continuing their post secondary education and new Canadians starting a new life in Canada. More information →


Hometown CleanUp


A restore, re-green and waste diversion initiative we have created to inspire and educate Sudburians about past, present and future conservation efforts in our city as well as spread awareness about misconceptions regarding re-greening efforts in Sudbury. More information →