Hometown venture

Supporting education and innovation.



Moe Alaeddine – Project Manager – malaeddine@laurentian.ca

Hometown Venture is a business-building and consulting group compromised of professional students and alumni. Our target is aimed at helping other students start a business while continuing their post secondary
education and new Canadian striving to starting a business while starting a new life in Canada. We work in partnership with other business centers but take the same approach to every challenge – working closely with our partners to create and deliver a plan that is squarely focused on their goals.

We are a team of student leaders with diverse academic and professional backgrounds. We understand the hardship and are learning constantly, treating our studetn and refugee entreprneus like business partners rather than a client.


Our insights are organized in three pillars to help our partners succeed: STRATEGY & PLANNING helps them decide their aims, identify their key target market and how to best communicate to them by building a 2 to 5 year succession plan.
From the logo to the bottom line of the annual report, our team of MARKETING and design specialist understand how a business' brand is reflected in everything it does and the has major impact it has on its success.
The local community or general public can show support or otherwise impact on one's business and its plans, based on the quality of information they have. As a well connected and diverse group, our team helps our partners realize and capitalize on the importance of COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT.