hometown cleanup

Dedicated to positive change.


One of Sudbury’s most famous attributes is our efforts in conservation. However, over the past few years, these efforts have slowed due to a lack of funding, a change in municipal government and most of all a lack public interest. So we at Enactus Laurentian decided to reignite the spark in our citizen's hearts about an issue that hits home. That’s why we created Hometown Cleanup.

We work in junction with other local organizations such as VETAC, Junction Creek Stewardship Committee and Diabetes Canada to create a project to inspire and educate Sudburians about past, present and future conservation efforts in our city as well as spread awareness about misconceptions regarding re-greening efforts in Sudbury. All while helping these organisations help them solve barriers such as difficulty obtaining funding and a lack of awareness and participation.

This project is a threefold. Firstly, we work with VETAC, a local organization who created the initiative to restore and regreen our local environment. Together we create an event for Laurentian students and community members to learn about the initiative and actively participate, through a tree planting day. Members of Enactus Laurentian, students of Laurentian University and volunteers from the community work with VETAC to plant over 100 trees, learn about forest restoration and get hands-on experience with ecological conservation.



The second part of our project is with the Junction Creek Stewardship Committee. This committee was founded in order to protect and restore the intricate waterways found in our town. We assist the Junction Creek Stewardship Committee in cleaning up Junction Creek which is the victim of immense amounts of rubbish dumping over the last few years. By removing pollutants we are contributing to the health of the waterway as well as the wildlife that it houses. In addition, we also reintroduce trout to the newly cleaned creek to promote the health of the ecosystem. Enactus Laurentian and the Junction Creek Stewardship Committee together created a community event that removed over 1290 kilograms of garbage and released over 3000 fish last year.

The third aspect of Hometown Cleanup is our waste diversion initiative. Every year, students leave residence in early spring to return home for the summer. Many items such as clothing, furniture, food items and electronics could easily be recycled, but are simply discarded. Therefore, Enactus Laurentian created the residence move out campaign. We set out to find efficient ways to reduce, reuse and recycle the items students no longer need. These items are donated to Diabetes Canada where they are sold to create income for the organization or properly recycled. Last year we diverted 2039 pounds of total waste and improved the lives of 9000 students, faculty and community members by exposing them to green practices.



Ericha Hendel – Project Manager – ehendel1@laurentian.ca