Our Vision

Seeing things differently.


Enactus is the largest student leadership organization in the world and strives to solve environmental, social, and economic issues through entrepreneurial action. We are a community of student, academic and business leaders committed to using the power of entrepreneurial action to transform lives and shape a better more sustainable world. Enactus chapters (universities and colleges) from around the world work to solve global issues, and showcase their successes through Regional, National, and Worldwide competitions.

Since its humble beginnings as a mining town, Sudbury has transformed into the vibrant, social, environmental and economic hub for Northern Ontario that we at Enactus Laurentian are proud to call home. It is this tradition of innovation that has inspired our team.


With over 20 students, Enactus Laurentian strives to find bold and creative ways to push our multicultural community into a brighter future. We currently operate 3 projects, ranging from exposing youths on the autism spectrum to entrepreneurship, to partnering with refugees and student entrepreneurs to help them succeed, to initiating a restore, re-green and waste diversion program.

   Alexie Beaulieu     President, Enactus Laurentian

   Alexie Beaulieu
   President, Enactus Laurentian